Steve Nichols

I met Jim Fine in 1999 when we were both starting our businesses. I have recommended Jim and Sam to a lot of my friends. They have completed several projects for me and when I decided to build my home they were the only ones I considered. This project took on a life of its own. I had hired an architect to design my home.

On my first meeting with Sam and Jim, Sam pointed out that the pavilion that they had built for me earlier would be taller than the house that it was going to tie into. This started a major redesign effort. Sam and I worked with their carpenter and added a second floor. This brought the roof peak up by twenty feet. My wife Jeanie had the best comment, "Jim and Sam took our home from looking like the Pizza Hut to looking like the Bass Pro Shop." Jim and Sam not only redesigned my home without an architect, but also worked with my bank to get a better appraisal of my home. Jim and Sam remain great friends and this year they built a home for my company's Vice President and his family.

Steve Nichols, Specialty Trackhoe & Dozer Services