Debbie Leatherwood

This was the first time for both my husband and I to build a new home and I can honestly say I'm so glad we chose the two of you. We looked at different builders for quite some time, asked others what they thought about your work and decided to go with you, Duggan & Fine.

Little did we know within 86 days from breaking ground our new home would be complete. Jim, you told us you would try to put our home in the Parade of Homes, making no promises. Everyone said it was impossible, even neighbors said that was crazy, but you did it! You steered  us to a bank that gave us an unbelievable rate, sent us to architect who worked tirelessly to make a plan that would best fit our odd-shaped lot. Sam supervised the construction phase and never let up. You both made us feel comfortable about talking to either of you at any time, even late at night or early in the morning. Neither of you are afraid to answer the phone, I liked that. You both helped us with ways to save money ... such as cleanup and sodding the grass ourselves, but I can't say by ourselves when Sam jumped in to help. And Jim, I can't forget you coming over at 9:00 pm with your vacuum to help cleanup before the Parade. When it came time to close, and all the numbers were added up, we came in under budget.

As you can see, it has taken me some time to send out this thank you. I guess I was still testing to see if you would come back and make the small repairs as promised. Once again you didn't let me down. I appreciate everything you've done and if anyone ever asks who I would suggest to build a home, without a doubt, it will be Duggan & Fine.

We appreciate the devotion, determination and skill of you both, as well as, your fantastic team of contractors. These include Danny Corley (Painter), Frank Kliensasser (Architect), Heath Hayden/H & H Electric, Robby Tillman/Snyder Flooring, Candace Brickner/Classic Stone, Lisa Barnette/Barnette Lighting, Bil Johnson/Allen Mill Works, Lisa Stuart/Colburn's, Acme Bricl{, Twyla Berry/Barnette and Randy /Leboard Brothers.

Once again, thank you and your team for your constant dedication in making our dream of a new home a reality.

Debbie Leatherwood