Jerry & Linda Hayes

In the spring of 2012, my wife Linda and I decided to move to the Bossier City area. Not knowing if we would buy an existing home or build one, we began our search. After a few months we decided that would buy a lot in Kingston Plantation and build a new house. We started talking to builders and looking at house plans. We went to the 2012 Parade of Homes and met Donny and Debbie Leatherwood at their home in the parade, built by Duggan and Fine. We had heard of Duggan and Fine, but after hearing the Leatherwood's comment and seeing the quality of work in their house, we decided to contact them. We also met Sam Duggan at another home on the parade in 2012. 

After our first visit with Jim Fine, well Jim just made us feel comfortable. He listened to what we had to say and answered all our questions. We felt we could trust them to build our dream home. We looked at some existing house plans that Jim had, but eventually Jim led us to Crawford and Associates to design our new house. On February 1,2013 we started construction of our dream home and it was finished by June 1, just in time for the 2013 Parade of Homes. We had almost 500 visitors to our house during the weekends of Parade of Homes. We were told by several visitors that our home was one of the top houses in this year's parade. Thanks to Jim and his contacts to get us in the Parade of Homes.

As with any construction, there were a few problems along the way. But Jim and Sam certainly took care of everything until we were completely satisfied. We developed relationships with Duggan and Fine and their subcontractors that will last forever.

During construction they were always just a phone call away. They even came out after the rains and shoveled mud off the streets. Jim was at our house the night before parade power washing our concrete driveway. A few times I heard Sam tell the subcontractors, not good enough, lets get it right it. It just shows their desire to get the job done and get it right. Almost four months after moving in, Jim called and asked if we would like to have our house featured in the forum, a local magazine. We said yes and we had a writer and photographer from the Forum at our house the next week. It was amazing to see our house in the magazine. They did a great job. The article is in the November 2013 issue and can be viewed at www.theforumnews.com. All thanks to Jim.

Duggan and Fine will build your dream home too. We built the house without a contract, just a handshake. They will take care of you.

Jerry & Linda Hayes

Steve Nichols

I met Jim Fine in 1999 when we were both starting our businesses. I have recommended Jim and Sam to a lot of my friends. They have completed several projects for me and when I decided to build my home they were the only ones I considered. This project took on a life of its own. I had hired an architect to design my home.

On my first meeting with Sam and Jim, Sam pointed out that the pavilion that they had built for me earlier would be taller than the house that it was going to tie into. This started a major redesign effort. Sam and I worked with their carpenter and added a second floor. This brought the roof peak up by twenty feet. My wife Jeanie had the best comment, "Jim and Sam took our home from looking like the Pizza Hut to looking like the Bass Pro Shop." Jim and Sam not only redesigned my home without an architect, but also worked with my bank to get a better appraisal of my home. Jim and Sam remain great friends and this year they built a home for my company's Vice President and his family.

Steve Nichols, Specialty Trackhoe & Dozer Services

Geno Iafrate

When we first arrived in Bossier City, my wife, Michele, and I were planned to buy an existing home as we had always done. We went through dozens of houses and could not find one that was just right. About that time, we met the premier custom building team Duggan & Fine. This was the beginning of a great relationship. Throughout the process, Jim and Sam worked with us on every detail that went into our home. There were a lot of changes to the plans along the way. The most interesting one was about heating and air. Due to some ambitious planning, we forgot to leave room for heating and air mechanical. We were notified by the heating and air contractor that we had three choices: 1) No air, 2) window units, or 3) rework the floor plan of the house. Sam and Jim both had a creative and attractive solution. They used large architectural columns to carry the air downstairs. The relationship that developed has continued on. Since we have had to relocate to Lake Charles both Jim and Sam are looking out for our home until it sells. We wish we could bring them here to build us another home.

Geno Iafrate, Former General Manager of the Horseshoe Casino

Brent & Lindy Willits

We first met Sam Duggan & Jim Fine when we moved to the area In 2005 and purchased a house they had under construction. Jim Fine met us late on a Sunday night to show us the home by flashlight because the electricity was not hooked up yet. Our experience with Duggan & Fine was both professional and pleasant. You can count on them to "do what they say they will do". We were so impressed with the service, both before and after the sale that we contracted them build two more spec homes for us over the next two years. Actually not a contract on a handshake. They helped us through every aspect of the projects and delivered first quality work on each home. We simply could not be more satisfied and would not hesitate to use them again. If you are conSidering building a new home, we would highly recommend Duggan& Fine. When we retire we hope to return to the Shreveport I Bossier City community. the first call we will place will be to Duggan & Fine to build our retirement home.

Brent & Lindy Willits

Donny Leatherwood

This being the first time that we had built a home, my wife and I were apprehensive and nervous about proceeding. We interviewed numerous builders and were discouraged to not find one that we felt filled our needs. Some lacked professionalism, while others couldn't give us definitive answers to our questions. We
attended the 2011 North Louisiana Home Builders Parade of Homes and that is where we first came into contact with Duggan & Fine Construction. We met Sam at a home where he had built a lake-side deck and were impressed from the onset. He discussed details of the home construction phase that we hadn't heard from
the other prospective builders we had met. He suggested we talk to Jim, who was showing the House of Hope, and again, we were impressed upon our first meeting.

We decided to hire Duggan & Fine to build on our lot we had previously purchased. Because the lot was an oddly-shaped comer, Jim suggested we meet with an architect to design a home that would fit our requirements and our lot. Jim also suggested that we make our goal to showcase our home in the 2012 Parade of Homes. He informed us that by doing so we could take advantage of discounts offered to Parade participants. It was January 2012 and Jim felt he and Sam could complete the home for the June Parade deadline.

While we were waiting for our plan to be completed, Jim took care of necessary paperwork and assisted us with acquiring financing. When the plan was complete, ground was broken on our new home in March 2012. Despite little confidence from naysayers, our home was completed in 86 days and in time for the Parade.
Both, Jim and Sam, were available to us with any concerns we had during the entire process. They went out of their way to ensure we were both satisfied through every facet of the construction, including changes made onthe- fly. Neither hesitated to meet with us to discuss any concerns and always answered our calls regardless of the time of day. Both, Jim and Sam, informed of things we might do ourselves to save money including clean up and landscaping, and both pitched in and helped us when we needed. We came in under budget and have the home of our dreams. We have received many compliments on the beauty and quality of our home.

We appreciate the devotion, determination and skill of you both, as well as, your fantastic team of contractors. These include Danny Corley (painter), Heath Hayden (Electrician), Frank Kliensasser (Architect), Robby TilhnanlSnyder Flooring, Candace Brickner/Classic Stone, Lisa Barnette/Barnette Lighting, Bill JohnsonlAllen Mill Works, Lisa Stuart/Colburn's, Acme Brick, Twyla BerrylBarnette and Randy/Leborde Brothers Cabinet Works.

We gladly recommend Duggan & Fine Construction to anyone considering building a new home.

Donny Leatherwood

Debbie Leatherwood

This was the first time for both my husband and I to build a new home and I can honestly say I'm so glad we chose the two of you. We looked at different builders for quite some time, asked others what they thought about your work and decided to go with you, Duggan & Fine.

Little did we know within 86 days from breaking ground our new home would be complete. Jim, you told us you would try to put our home in the Parade of Homes, making no promises. Everyone said it was impossible, even neighbors said that was crazy, but you did it! You steered  us to a bank that gave us an unbelievable rate, sent us to architect who worked tirelessly to make a plan that would best fit our odd-shaped lot. Sam supervised the construction phase and never let up. You both made us feel comfortable about talking to either of you at any time, even late at night or early in the morning. Neither of you are afraid to answer the phone, I liked that. You both helped us with ways to save money ... such as cleanup and sodding the grass ourselves, but I can't say by ourselves when Sam jumped in to help. And Jim, I can't forget you coming over at 9:00 pm with your vacuum to help cleanup before the Parade. When it came time to close, and all the numbers were added up, we came in under budget.

As you can see, it has taken me some time to send out this thank you. I guess I was still testing to see if you would come back and make the small repairs as promised. Once again you didn't let me down. I appreciate everything you've done and if anyone ever asks who I would suggest to build a home, without a doubt, it will be Duggan & Fine.

We appreciate the devotion, determination and skill of you both, as well as, your fantastic team of contractors. These include Danny Corley (Painter), Frank Kliensasser (Architect), Heath Hayden/H & H Electric, Robby Tillman/Snyder Flooring, Candace Brickner/Classic Stone, Lisa Barnette/Barnette Lighting, Bil Johnson/Allen Mill Works, Lisa Stuart/Colburn's, Acme Bricl{, Twyla Berry/Barnette and Randy /Leboard Brothers.

Once again, thank you and your team for your constant dedication in making our dream of a new home a reality.

Debbie Leatherwood